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Applying for Membership 

The BEC welcomes cavers to join the club. There are numerous benefits including:

  • Use of the club hut - the Belfry
  • access to the clubs tackle store
  • access to keys for many locked caves on Mendip
  • a free yearly permit for Charterhouse Caves
  • regular issues of our publication the Belfry Bulletin
  • use of the extensive library in the Belfry
  • preferential service at the Hunters (in your dreams)
  • reciprical rates at many other club huts
  • joining a group of like minded cavers

Complete a Membership Form

Download a copy of the Membership Application Form as word document from here or a PDF here

Once you have completed the form and had it proposed and seconded by current full BEC members it needs to be submitted at the next BEC committee meeting. These are always held on the first Friday of each month at around 9pm in the Belfry. It's best if you turn up and introduce yourself if your not already well known to the committee. If you really can't make it then let us know and we'll work something out.

Paying for Membership 

The Club year starts on the 1st October each year at the AGM. Club dues are paid at that date and are:

Fees for the club year to 1 October to 30 September

 Single Membership

£35 per year 
£45 per year if after 30th November

 Joint Membership (per person)

£27 per year 
£37 per year if after 30th November

Student Membership
£19 per year 
£29 per year if after 30th November

 BCA Caving Insurance

£17 per year for active cavers


£6 per year for surface cavers


£8 per year for NUS card holder cavers

Joint Membership

Joint Membership is available to all members regardless of your marital status. The caveat with joint membership is that we generally only mail out a single Belfry Bulletin to you. Each joint member pays the fee shown above plus BCA insurance per person.

Pro-rata fees for New Members


Full member

Student Member

Joint Member


















































BCA Caving Insurance

BCA Insurance is required by all club members who are still caving. The BCA define two categories for insurance: caver and non caver. They do not however provide a definition of what these description cover but imply that anyone who is involved in any form of caving must have insurance. Therefore if you plan to venture underground or dig on the surface during the club year you must take insurance.

In some circumstances we will waive this fee, if you can prove that you already have BCA approved insurance from another club.

Details of the BCA insurance including FAQ are here.

Membership Renewal

All members who wish to remain a member of the club (and lets face it, why wouldn't you) are asked to pay their subs before the end of the November. After this grace period you membership will be considered lapsed and you'll no longer receive the BB any other club benefits.

Information updated 8 October 2018