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Rum Doodle



Vertical Range



 18 0'44.05 N


122 2'15.62 E 

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Vertical Range



Alternative Name


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C1 (Henry Bennett, Steven Fairman, Henry Dawson, Romeo) Went CAVE NAME NEEDED

Descending down into a gorge on a ladder into a wide entrance cave, following the passage over boulders and dodging bats along the way. We eventually got to a split one direction leading to a water filled duck and the other direction towards the sound of running water. Following the water eventually finding a sump at the bottom of the stream, doubling back we returned to the junction to dig out the duck allowing the water to drain. After scrambling over a shifty looking boulder climb and through a muddy passage over small pools of water we discovered a pitch that lead down into the streamway.

C1 (Seen Them All) Henry D (diary), Steve Fairman, Stuart Gardener, Lucy Greenwood

Returned to resurvey data collected using book and instruments the day before. (GPS for entrance for C1 Seen Them All is 51 Q 0398045 UTM 1992731 Elevation 439m 707m from camp C1 turnoff from road is 51Q 0397989 UTM 1991390 Elevation 457m 698m from camp. ). Henry D on Book with 1st Lucy on Distox and then Steve. Surveyed approx.. 280m. This included entrance tag on step back from pitch where more satellites could be obtained. 10m ladder just about gets you down the pitch. Stu and Steve went off to drop the pitch. This was not successful as Stu didn’t like the look of 2 large pieces of rock above the pitch head. There is good potential for a traverse on the left wall above head height as you stand at the top of the pitch. This would be possible with hand bolting gear only if you had skyhooks, otherwise it has to be done with the drill. This was in Romeo Cave so unavailable. Stu and Steve returned and without much else to do they very enthusiastically pushed all potential leads finding about 150m of tiny scrofulous passage requiring the removal of helmets and bolting hammer action to remove troublesome obstructions. Henry took one look at the two mud plastered and battered explorers when they came out and decided to mark the route as a question mark. Stu made an artist’s impression of the passage, trending towards the surface I the exped. paper diary. We took a few photos


C1 –Paul and Steven Fairman

After finally managing to acquire a rope after a week long wait the final pitch in C1 cave was to be rigged. After a mixture of faffing and recovering from a late night we finally set out to C1 being joined by both Henry , Hellie and Rufus and Rich to the entrance of the cave. Going through the cave and up the sketchy climb which seemed to have deteriorated even more. We reached the pitch and after some time surveying the rig the drill was pulled out with the drill and the help of the only hammer in the village. The muddy pitch was rigged and down the pitch we went when we got to the bottom we discovered that the chamber lead to a sump and was full of a muddy slope clambering up the slope from below. From there a miniature photo trip began taking photos of the chamber of the whole passage as the bats above vigorously flew pictures continued up the pitch.


C1 – Henry D, Paul and Ollie. 

Returned to drop down the pitch. This enters a large section of passage with a muddy bank and streamway which sumps quickly. We surveyed this and exited after agreeing my vote that Ollie would have to wash the very muddy rope.