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This index covers only the main articles that have been produced in the Belfry Bulletin.  It does not cover any news snippets, regular features such as “On the Hill”, which was mainly news of people or progress in digs and caves.

The first sheet shows the main categories and on which page to find the main topics.  The biggest topic is of course, caving, which has several sub-indexes, which are shown in italics.  Climbing also has sub-indexes.

The list only shows the Belfry Bulletin Number, as to show the page would not bee very helpful, as there are three separate issues for each Bulletin.  The first issue is the original, which had a various number of different sizes and fonts; the second issue is a reformatted issue, which is all on A4 size pages and uses a common font, which is Times New Roman at point 11; the third edition is the one on the web site, which has been taken from the second issue.  The second issue is also available if anybody wishes a copy of them.

At the back of the index are a few statistics, relating mainly to issue two, but gives a very good indication as the size of each Bulletin.

The next page show how each issue relates to its volume and year of publication.  A few discrepancies will be noted: -

  • Issue 341 was never issued.  It was produced and printed on one side of each sheet, but the stencils were then destroyed by the printing machine, when it broke down, and they were never retyped.
  • Issues 263 to 269 were skipped when the editor found he couldn’t count, so they do not exist.
  • Issue 48 was never completed or issued, but a copy has been found, and what there is has been reproduced.



After the first year of the Bulletin, the magazine became a monthly issue, with a few hiccoughs.  Where an issue was produced to cover two months, they were sometimes given two numbers, such as can be seen in volume 5 and volume 10.

Most of the early issues were only 4 to six pages long, only rather quarto of foolscap size of paper.  In 1960, number 143 was produced on a foolscap paper, but printed sideways so that the number of pages could be doubled but still keep the same number of sheets of paper.  This continued until 1968, when it reverted back to quarto.  In 1975, the Belfry Bulletin was then produced on A5 size of paper, maintaining a fair number of pages.  In 1977, it was decided to print the Belfry bulletin on A4 size paper, where it has remained today. In 1980, it was found to be difficult to maintain a monthly magazine, using A4 size paper, and from then onwards, the monthly issue became approximately two monthly, with a volume covering each year, until 2002, when even this numbering system went out of the window.  Nowadays, issues only come as and when.