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Letter to the Club

By Martin Grass.and Stuart McManus

Dear Committee,

As you are now aware Dave Irwin’s book auction raised £6,884.86 after deducting the hall hire, band and other sundry items, which less the beer purchased by the BEC (£414.99) means Wig’s family have donated £6,469.87 to the BEC.

Firstly thanks to all those who helped at the event and during the day with the plaque unveiling in Saint Cuthbert’s. It was great to see so many members from across the generations!

Mike, Dave’s brother, had originally intended for some of the proceeds of the auction to go to the Priddy church fund but he was so moved by the day that he has requested the full amount go to the BEC.

Although there are no stipulations on how the money is to be used we believe that some of it should be put to a lasting memorial to Dave (I know we have the plaque).

In addition the club has been given all of Dave’s original surveys, drawings and note books. We are aware that at the last AGM a suggestion was made that these go to Bristol library but we do feel they would never be seen there.

The final decision has to be yours but as “unofficial” trustees of the money we would like to see, as a very minimum, a suitable set of cabinets for the storage of the note books along with a survey Plan chest or similar piece of furniture purchased for these very valuable achieves. We can then advise Mike and his family of this legacy.

We are aware that at the last committee meeting your new and enthusiastic librarian suggested that perhaps part of the new Belfry extension could become a larger and better library dedicated to Dave’s memory and we would certainly endorse this. It is in fact a credit to those that have built it that the standards and finish are of such a high quality that it would seem a shame to turn it into a dirty old work shop!

On the above we are in your hands however we would like to be kept informed/ consulted if possible by the committee so we can advise Mike to what use some of the money will be put.

Finally there were two boxes of books left from the sale and these we have placed in the library. If the club does not have copies of the contents then please use them, the remainder is for you to do as you wish. One suggestion was for the club to take a stand at next year’s Hidden Earth and sell the books along with copies of the St. Cuthbert’s report. As it is “up North” next year you may find that some of the books will go quite quickly for a reasonable sum. Alternatively Tony Jarratt has said he would purchase the lot from the club. The decision is yours.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Everything to excess,


Martin Grass & Stuart McManus.

22nd November 2007.