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Wig’s Book Auction

On November 19th Priddy Village Hall played host to an auction of books from Wig’s library. The whole affair was well attended and as they say everything had to go. Most of the more valuable books, the heart of the auction sold below their reserve prices although one or two did sell for a handsome price.

Hot on the heels of the prints were some of Wig’s prints and pictures, although I understand one patron did end up paying £25 for a photocopy.

Along the side of the hall the bulk of Wig’s books had been split into tables with prices for each. Whereas the rare books were snapped up, on the whole, by the same people, these tables offered the majority a crack at owning some of the great man’s library. There was something of a mad rush after the prints were sold as everyone rushed to bag the books they had chosen during the perusal period.

 One thing should be mentioned, the rare books had had their lot numbers stuck directly onto the covers with scotch tape. Unfortunately this meant that a number of covers were ruined when an attempt was made to remove the labels. In future it is the opinion of the editor that any books sold are placed in clear plastic bags to avoid damage and depreciation in value. 

Post auction guests were invited to groove the night away at a stomp.

The Statistics of the Post Auction Stomp

By Ian “Slug” Gregory.

I can report that whilst everyone who wanted it was offered "seconds", there was one particular "Greedy Bastard" who came back not only for said "seconds", but also thirds, then fourths, and finally…FIFTHS. (I suppose that had we not run out of food, he would have come back for sixths.), and the name of that person ....Henry Dawson...making up for the "Club Dinner e-mail incident" no doubt.

If you are interested, we fed 117 in the evening (121 if you count Henry's four extra portions: -D ), and prior to that 60 odd had soup and snacks at the Belfry after exiting St Cuthberts.

Afternoon: 3 gallons each of mushroom, tomato, and oxtail soup,120 mini indian snacks, 4 lbs. of butter, 6 loaves of bread. Prepared by Brenda Prewer, and myself. Evening: 120 jumbo sausages, 100 beef burgers, 56 lb's of potatoes, 24 lbs garden peas, another 4 lbs of butter, and 2½ gallons of Dany Bradshaw’s own recipe onion gravy.

Yep, as Wig liked to point out, the whole club motto is "If Something Is Worth Doing, It’s worth Doing To EXCESS"

I think We Did.

BEC T-Shirt Design Competition

Since we have now completely sold out of all of our clothing stock we are going to run a competition for the redesign. Previously we have printed T-shirts, rugby shirts, car stickers, “BEC get everywhere” stickers, jackets, ties, and other random stuff. Clearly we’ll be producing the popular items and we’ll also look at doing hoodies.

There are very few guidelines to this brief except these: (1) T-shirt designs should be full print (even two sided) while rugby tops would be restricted to a simple logo. (2) Artwork should be final or capable of being produced to a print standard. (3) You may enter for a single item or a range of styles. (4) No dates are to be printed

The club will judge the result for themselves via an online poll on the BEC website. This will be used by the committee for determining which design to go with. All entries to be in by end of January 2008.

The winner will get a free t-shirt and a warm feeling that they’ve done good.

Henry Bennett