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Caving Secretary’s Notes


I've put together a more up to date meets list.  Some of the dates have changed because the caves were already booked.  Others are still waiting for replies and permits from the various governing clubs. Accommodation will be entirely up to those people going on the trip.






Black Shiver



Lancaster/County Pot



Juniper Gulf (not a club meet, but the cave is booked if anyone wants to do it)

Easter W/E

South Wales

Craig-an-Fynnon (unconfirmed).  Daren Cilau

Apr 19/20


BEC members weekend and barrel at the Belfry


Wye Valley

Otter Hole



Pasture Gill (unconfirmed)



Gaping Gill (unconfirmed)



Nettle Pot



Giants (Unconfirmed)

Aug 1-17





Providence - Dow (Dowbergil)



Birks Fell



Penyghent Pot



Marble Steps (Unconfirmed)


South Wales



South Wales



A combined BEC and NCC trip to the Dachstein Massif has been arranged for August 1st-17th.

With the Barengassewindschacht finally pushed to conclusion by the NCC last summer, the expedition will turn its attention to some of the leads left unfinished on previous trip,s as well as looking for more entrances in the same area.  Hopefully we may also have a chance to look at the extensions in the Hirlatzhohle at the bottom of the mountain.

At the moment there are about 15 NCC members going and from our end we have just 4 who are definitely on for the trip, with another 4-5 who hope to be going, finances permitting. If you would like to be on the trip then get in touch soon because the NCC need numbers to sort out a Sport's Council grant.  We are particularly looking for people proficient in SRT and someone with a knowledge of the area from one of the previous expeditions would be most welcome.

Accommodation is being organised at the moment and we should be staying in the Glocken Hut, next to the Wiesberghaus as before.

Nothing has been finalised with the NCC about equipment for the expedition, but we hope to be able to beg, steal or borrow as much as possible to keep costs to a minimum.

References to the previous expeditions can be found in the following copies of the B.B .

BB 214 - Dec 65
BB 366 - Oct 78
BB 370
BB 379 – Nov 79
BB 388/9
BB 412/5 - Nov 82
BB 417 - J an 83


The "Jolly Roger" flew defiantly above the snow covered slopes of Leck Fell on a crisp Saturday morning, denoting the presence of the BEC Cave Pirates in Notts Pot.

The pothole was found to be rigged for a major push beyond the "terminal" Sump, so the four stalwart (cave dogs found themselves at the bottom in no time at all, whereupon they met up with John Cordingley and A.N. Other kitting up for the 700ft dive to the new extension.  Rations be scarce in that there cave so the team tapped the weevils out of a ship's biscuit and drank each others urine before setting back for the surface.

Once out, First Mate Trebor (Avast Behind) McDonald set sail for the N.P.C. Dinner via the Marton Arms and New Inn where lashings of Grog were quaffed and bawdy Shanties sung 'Ad Infinitum' !

The next day was a belter with the brilliant sun shining over us as we tacked up the side of Ingleborough towards Nick Pot, whereupon we descended through the 80ft Thornber's Entrance, leastways, Capn. Gonzo - he descended, Trebor - he descended, Long John Wobbley - he descended too, but the Boatswain (Aah - Clever Fucker he were!) he turned a pear shaped Krab into a useless L-shaped piece of scrap, shat himself and set sail for warmer climes!  The rest of the crew crossed the Traverse in the Gods, descended a magnificent 280ft shaft to the bottom before a-hoisting the mizzen and heading for home.


In the wake of Cave Conservation Year the committee have decided that the club should adopt Eastwater Cavern. There are numerous BEC members active within the cave every week so it wouldn't take much effort for people to pick up bits of rubbish in passing and bring them out.

The dig at the end of the first Rift Chamber eventually broke through into a further 30ft of high rift passage closing down to a tight flooded bedding plane.  A way on looks doubtful.

J. Rat and Tim Large have an interesting project going in the Boulder Chamber.  Tony pushed a route through loose boulders for about 30’ to a point where a way on could be seen but was too unstable.  A smoke test was tried from the aven in Ifold Series and this came through very strongly in a boulder choked rift directly below the Wind Tunnel.  A connection here would make the West End Series far more accessible for pushing trips (and rescues! - see Tony's article)

Tony also tried to divert the water at the entrance to make it go down through the Boulder Chamber as it did when the cave was first opened.  So far this has only been partially successful but it enables a dry exit to be made from the cave even in wet weather.


Mrs Gibbons requests that all cavers visit the farm BEFORE going down the cave so that she knows who is down there.  Don't forget your 10p goodwill fee.


Below is a list of Club Leaders for various caves throughout the country.  I am aware that it is very incomplete but it’s a start.  If you know of any other access arrangements please let me know.


            Charterhouse     Alan Downton
            Reservoir Hole   Martin Grass, Dave Irwin, Brian Prewer
Cuthbert’s    See me for details


            O.F.D.              Martin Grass, Dave Irwin, Mike Palmer, Graham Wilton-Jones

            Dan-yr-Ogof       Martin Grass, Tim Large, Graham Wilton-Jones

            Craig-an-Fynnon            Martin Grass


            Peak Cavern      Martin Grass

            White Scar        Martin Grass

Mark Lumley

Club Tackle

The following is a list of the club tackle currently accounted for and available for use:-

9 Wire tethers (11, 2 and 15ft)

3 spreaders (1 and 2ft)

17 standard ladders (L9, LI0, 21, One in oil, No ID, L5, L17, 20, No ID, 30, L44, 29, No ID, 23, L5, Cuthbert’s, No ID) (2 withdrawn L7 and No ID)

5 expedition ladders (L42, L24, L35, L26, L41)

Ropes: 1 x 150', 1 x: 200' (new) 2 x 120’ (new)various digging ropes

2 tackle bags

Suunto compass and clino

6 ice axes

2 pairs snowshoes

If anyone knows of, or has any other club tackle please let me know as we are attempting to compile a complete inventory of all club property.

Steve Milner