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Outstanding Belfry Jobs

Main Room

1.         Re-fix padlock bar to roof access
2.         Repair damaged ceiling and re-plaster
3.         Repair leak in roof
4.         Fix wall units to wall
5.         Put up signboards

Showers and Changing Rooms

6.         All doors to be cleaned down and re-stained
7.         Fix lock to entrance door (same key as main door)
8.         Put up hat and coat hooks
9.         Make up and fix new benches
10.        Shower curtain to third shower
11.        Finish off painting
12.        Re-fix toilet to floor
13.        Rod drain pipe
14.        Clean out gully
15.        Lag pipes
16.        Fix toilet roll holder to wall
17.        Clean out drying room
18.        Install extractor tan and ducting

Bunk Rooms

19.        Patch up render by meters
20.        Finish oft painting
21.        Patch up holes in ceiling and walls
22.        Fix bunks to wall

Entrance Hall

23.        Tile floor
24.        Finish off painting
25.        Hat and coat hooks on toilet door
26.        Lag pipes


27.        Lag pipes


28.        Put up new shelving


29.        Build external gas bottle store
30.        Clear away rubbish
31.        Re-build manhole to soak-away
32.        Stain front door
33.        Remove facia and replace with U.P.V.C.
34.        Repair rainwater guttering
35.        Fix frame and hang door to shed
36.        Take down timber shed and remove from site
37.        Cut grass in the spring
38.        Fix sand buckets to wall
39.        Build small roof over sand buckets
40.        Fix new sign on Carbide store

Dany Bradshaw

Personal Column

Mary Ham (from Peter and Mary Ham and family) an ex member of about 11 years ago now living in Australia, called in at the Belfry recently.  Greetings to lot, Jock, Alan Thomas, The Riley, Martin Bishop, Barrie and Brenda et at.


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