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This functionality has been built for the club but we are just waiting for the clubs PayPal details.


The BEC welcomes cavers to join the club. There are numerous benefits including:

  • Use of the club hut - the Belfry
  • Access to the club's tackle store
  • Access to keys for many locked caves on Mendip
  • A free yearly permit for the Charterhouse Caves
  • Regular issues of our publication The Belfry Bulletin
  • Use of the extensive library in the Belfry
  • Use of the members' bunk room in the Belfry
  • Preferential service at the Hunters (in your dreams)
  • Reciprocal rates at many other club huts
  • Joining a group of like minded cavers

Contact our membership secretary by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or see further information about membership costs and printable application forms.

You are advised to make yourself known to at LEAST TWO members of the committee BEFORE submitting this application. You may attend in person to the committee meeting at which the application is made together with either your proposer or seconder, if you desire.

You must be able to pay your pro-rata subscription at the time your application is accepted. Please refer to the membership rates document from the list below.

Your full membership will have to be ratified at an ordinary meeting after one year.

Documents relative to the club held in the clubs archive.