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Cavers Bookshelf No.4

a review by Martin Grass of the N.P.C. Journal 1979

The N.P.C. Journal has not been published for two years but this does not that they have been idle as this superb publication bears out.  It includes a lengthy account on the discovery and exploration of Link Pot - Easegill with a pull-out survey and black and white photographs of the system. Other surveys included are of Vesper Hole - Kingsdale and Ogof oy Herwheliwr, North Wales together with an article (with surveys) on Belgium caves.  A rather late report on the exploration of Dale Head Pot can be found as well as lesser original explorations in Yorkshire.  Expedition reports on Austria, Ireland and Belgium can be found, though most has already been published elsewhere.  A light-hearted report on Mexico by Jim Eyre is certainly worth reading and his account of descending some of the big shafts there will put the hardest caver off SRT for life.

All this is certainly one of the best journals to be published by a club for a long time and the price of £1.35p is good value for 68 pages of information.  The journal can be purchased from the publications officer of the Northern Pennine Club, Greenclose House, Clapham, via Lancaster, or from the M.C.G. who have a few copies for sale at the Hunters at a weekend.

For of some lighter entertainment here is a crossword sent in by Steve Woolven.  The answers will be in the next B.B.